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Katie Green

Mosaic Sculptor


Mosaic, for me, is the creation of 'one whole statement' from many tiny pieces of glass and mirror.


Discovering new possiblities are the passion that drives my work. I enjoy pushing the limits of glass to create truly unique pieces.


Colour flows through all our lives in many different forms and I love to translate all my inspiration into my work.


You can see all of my latest pieces in my gallery or by following me on the social media channels below. 

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About Me

Having been on the garden sculpture circuit for over 17 years I have enjoyed creating pieces of all sizes. It gives me great delight receiving the wonderful comments about my work, expecially from collectors of my art. I have always aimed to create sculptures that become a part of the environment in which they are placed.


If you have any questions about my art, or the venues I will be exhibiting at in 2018-I would love to hear from you. 

Contact Me

ktmosaics@hotmail.co.uk / Tel: 079136 58107

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